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11”x18” oval
Mixed media on strathmore paper

One day, while Europa was relaxing with friends by the seashore, the god Zeus spied her and immediately fell in love with her. In a somewhat bizarre courting strategy, Zeus either changed himself into a white bull or sent a handsome bull to woo the princess. Europa was indeed charmed by the docile animal and decorated him in flowers. Then, thinking she might ride such a gentle beast, she climbed on his back, which was when the bull swam with her into the sea, soared into the air and carried Europa far away from Phoenicia. Flying bulls perhaps not being the best of aerial transporters, it is not surprising that the bull swiftly fell into the sea and from there the pair swam to Crete. And I’ll leave you to find the rest of the story.

Europa and the Bull

  • Alcohol in and mixed media on Yupo Paper

    23cm (W) x 30.5cm (H) 

    Signed on the front

    Requires Framing.

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