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Mixed Media on paper, ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

This artwork comes with an external frame

Once upon a time there lived a very unique mermaid, Lelia, who had a seahorse tail, which had never been heard of in all the seven seas. All the merbirds would hang with her because they thought she was just the most incredible being to ever exist. All the other sea creatures were afraid of her and would watch her from afar… she was happy with all her merbird friends and never ventured out to find friends. For many moons Lilia never noticed the merman that had been watching her with fairyfloss eyes. He had fallen in love with this unique sea creature with the seahorse tail and hadn’t had the courage to swim up and talk to her. Today was the day, he put on his most favourite pearls and shined his scales and slowly swam up her way. Lilia froze as if she had seen a sea monster, and all her merbirds scattered (“wimps” she thought to herself)! She couldn’t move a muscle, and so she thought, “this is it!!!!!”. But oh was she wrong.. they were inseparable after that day. The merbirds were not happy at all about this new being in their best friend’s life! So they started to plot a plan…..

Frame size 62 x 77

Artwork size 44.5x 60

Lilia and her merdoves


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