Hanging with my girls, the painted ones

The Kat Hamilton Story

Kat is an Iranian/Australian Pop Surreal artist who resides in Australia. She mainly works with mixed media, but also enjoys watercolour, graphite, oils and inks. Her work is all self taught from her passion within to constantly create. Kat is influenced by her children and her life experiences, bringing to life a lot of raw emotions on paper. Most of her work is based around beautiful and strong women with influences in the lowbrow/pop surreal as well as the fantasy genres. She finds Persian miniatoors very fascinating and a lot of her work is influenced by this genre which originates from India, Egypt and Persia. 

Since pursuing her creative calling in 2013, Kat has developed a style which became more refined in 2019 and over the last 3 years has shown in group shows in art galleries around Australia as well as the USA. Kat has artwork in collections across Australia and USA.