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Hanging with my girls, the painted ones

The Kat Hamilton Story

I'm a Pop Surreal artist living in Gold Coast, Australia with my 4 young children. I mainly work with mixed media, but I also enjoy watercolour, graphite, oils and inks. My work has evolved over time through self teachings as well as exploring online courses. I am  influenced by my children and my life experiences, bringing to life a lot of raw emotions on paper. Most of my works are based around beautiful and strong women with influences in the lowbrow/pop surreal as well as the fantasy genres. I love storytelling through my paintings and I'm fascinated by the audiences connection to my works. My middle eastern background lends me a lot of inspiration for subject matter as well as stories to inspire me. 

As of 2020, I have been teaching in online lessons which have given me another reason to love the art world. It brings me great joy knowing that I am helping others to bring the beauty of art into the world through their eye and their experiences. In the last 3 years I have also participated in very successful US based online galleries and auctions. 

Since pursuing my creative calling in 2013, I believe I have developed a style which became more refined in 2019 and over the last 3 years I have shown in group shows in art galleries around Australia as well as the USA. I am so excited that I have artworks in collections across Australia, UK, Canada, India and USA.

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