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  • Original watercolour painting, on arches Watercolour paper 350gsm paper weight.

    10”x10” artwork size, painting is 11.6” square with a 1.6” border for framing.

    A goddess of nature presides over a sun-kissed grove adorned with blossoming flowers and emerald foliage. The air is infused with the sweet fragrance of blooming petals, and a gentle breeze carries the melodic whispers of nature.

    The goddess, draped in a gown woven from sunlight, sits gracefully amidst the vibrant tapestry of flora. Two lively lorikeets, their feathers ablaze with tropical hues, perch affectionately on her shoulders. The goddess radiates a tranquil energy, her benevolent gaze mirroring the warmth of the summer sun.

    As the goddess extends her hand, delicate rays of light intertwine with the lorikeets, forming a harmonious dance of color and magic. Together, they create a living masterpiece, a testament to the enchantment that summer bestows upon the goddess and her feathered companions.




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